David After the Dentist


David after the Dentist is a hilarious video that went viral because it was so funny and such a unique situation. A little boy messed up on laughing gas after the dentist saying ridiculous things made such an impact. One person thought it was hilarious and started sharing with others and so on. David after the dentist was such a big deal and so talked about that people started making spin off videos of it and even started recording other children and adults after their dentist visits. People even started to reference some of the lines in real life like when David says, ” Is this real life.” The video is hilarious and went viral because of its simple humor about a child after the dentist.



4 Responses to “David After the Dentist”

  1. 1 lhalvorson

    haha its funny that you did this video because mine is about the girl after her wisdom teeth removal!!! what a cute kid tho!!! =)

  2. I was wondering if anybody was going to have this video. Brittney I would agree with you and I love this video. It’s amazing how little videos like this can go viral but this one really took off. The main reason it did was because it was funny, not going to lie I laughed.

  3. Definitely a hilarious video. I agree with Nick above, it’s pretty crazy how popular and funny a video of a kid’s trip to the dentist can be.

  4. I LOVE this video!! It gets me everytime!!

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