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The first mention that I found was  post 393 at 8:34 p.m. on 11/17, by Today’s TVH KTHV “reports of a small plane crash in Perry County, we have a crew on the way. More details to follow.” Although the post did not  did not specify  that it had any relation to Oklahoma State University, it was […]

    This semester I herd the whole time about the other Electronic Communication class and how easy it was and how they didn’t have a final or their projects were all graded on completion. After hearing this I thought, man I got the wrong teacher, but I’m thankful that Jory made us actually learn […]



I love Tosh.0 he is one of my favorite comedians and after trying to Google someone random persons portfolio I thought I liked, so I thought that why not Tosh. Daniel Tosh is a comedian who is very good at being a comedian.  Daniel Tosh’s Web site is well organized and easy to navigate through. […]

I live in a house full of eighty girls. I’m a member of a sorority and have lived in the sorority house for the last 5 semesters of my academic career. Our house has all 2 girl rooms except we have 2, 1 girl rooms, and 1, 5 girl room. All the rooms have sinks […]

David after the Dentist is a hilarious video that went viral because it was so funny and such a unique situation. A little boy messed up on laughing gas after the dentist saying ridiculous things made such an impact. One person thought it was hilarious and started sharing with others and so on. David after […]


I think this video is good. Its hilarious and well thought out. The video might be on the edge of being inappropriate but so is the song. I think the effects that they used through out this video make it look cool with the dancers moves.  I also liked some of the transitions they used […]

Bad Romance Video is all around BAD This video is a redone music video to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance song. This video is BAD. The camera is shaking the whole time and never focuses on the subject its shooting. The lighting throughout the video is alright because its natural lighting but still could have been […]



Oklahoma State University has the biggest homecoming in the nation. The greek houses around campus work for three months on house decks to compete in the homecoming competition. The sororities and fraternity’s pair together and come up with a concept that go along with the over all theme which, this year is a cowboy nation. […]


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