I have 80 roommates …


I live in a house full of eighty girls. I’m a member of a sorority and have lived in the sorority house for the last 5 semesters of my academic career. Our house has all 2 girl rooms except we have 2, 1 girl rooms, and 1, 5 girl room. All the rooms have sinks in them and wood floors.  Our house is really nice actually, but the people in our house and some of the house rules are just dumb. One of our rules is that we have to have shoes on the first floor, and our hair can’t be wet. This rule sucks. When I get out of the shower or just want to run down stairs I have to put shoes on or blow-dry my hair and it’s just a hassle. Then there are girls on power trips that turn you in for not wearing shoes, like really? Get a life! I honestly can’t stand how some of the girls can’t act like adults and handle problems with the person they have a problem with. Also in a house full of eighty girls it’s nice to be able to look through closets and borrow clothes, but some girls don’t understand the definition of borrowing things. Borrowing means you ask to use something or wear something and then you return it. The girls in the house go through your closets without asking and take things to wear without permission and return it weeks later. Also some girls may ask to borrow things but don’t ever return it or they treat it disrespectfully. I have had many things stolen or never returned or borrowed without asking. A recent problem with opening people’s mail has occurred. One of the girls received a letter from her attorney and it was opened and then found to weeks later, which was too late for the girl who was supposed to go to court for her speeding ticket.  I couldn’t believe that girls didn’t know this was illegal and didn’t think it was morally wrong as well to open someone’s mail. Another problem we recently have had is using the restroom and using too much toilet paper. Girls apparently have been clogging the toilets and on third floor the toilet paper got taken away, which is inconvenient for girls who live there they don’t have this problem. Another annoyance is parking. Our parking lot isn’t big enough for everyone to park there but most people can, so you either don’t have a spot sometimes or you can open your door because the girls don’t know how to park. I wish that we gave parking lessons, like stay inside the lines it’s not that hard! One good thing is that we have a chief who is awesome! Kathy is so nice and talks to all the girls and cooks what we ask for most of the times, but her food isn’t always the healthiest. There is always desert, cakes, brownies, and pudding are offered with every meal. The menu isn’t bad it’s just hard to eat healthy because the majority of meals are greasy and cooked with pounds of butter.  All in all the house is full of fun girls who I get to watch my favorite shows with, share stories with, and make memories with, living in this crazy house. Although it has its ups and downs I’ve had a blast, but can’t wait to move out.


7 Responses to “I have 80 roommates …”

  1. 1 kyla

    I can’t imagine living with 80 girls! It sounds like it must be really hard! I know how upset/irritated I get when one of my three roommates borrows things without asking or returning them. That sounds awful that people aren’t aloud to have toilet paper now! Good job on your free write, it was a pretty interesting blog!

  2. I love living in a sorority but it’s about to hit the two and half year mark and i’m ready for my own house! The t.v. at Theta is always over-populated. Oh and we’ve been having some thief problems as well.

  3. Thats hilarious love the video!!! Did that girl get hurt? It looked like she hit her head!! lol sorry about the downs that would stink about the house!!!!

  4. I am an only child and could not even imagine sharing much less living in a house full of 80 girls. I got to give your brownie points for living in there for such a long time, but like you said I am sure you have some awesome memories.

    Which chapter do you belong to?

  5. Brittany you are one of my favorites what can I say. I could not imagine living in a house full of 80 girls or guys even. I bet you girls do have some fun times though. I like your blog post and again you are one of my favs.

  6. 6 Paige Pantlik

    I am moving out of house at semester and at first I was kind of sad because I will miss being around everyone but then last night at 4 in the morning when someone was running down the halls singing I realized it’s time to move on.

  7. Wow I can’t imagine having that many people in one house. That sucks they borrow your clothes without asking. Maybe next year will be better when your outside of the house.

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