The first mention that I found was  post 393 at 8:34 p.m. on 11/17, by Today’s TVH KTHV “reports of a small plane crash in Perry County, we have a crew on the way. More details to follow.” Although the post did not  did not specify  that it had any relation to Oklahoma State University, it was the first post about the plane crash in Perry County.

I found out about the plane crash through the email the University sent out that morning and then began to see my twitter feed and news feed on Facebook fill up with post about the tragedy that happened to our OSU family. I chose to look at post around 10 a.m. on 11/18, which is the time I found out and started looking at my social media sites as news for more details. During this hour there was 3,244 tweets about the plane crash. After reviewing those mentions I was surprised to see so many people referring  to their “OSU family” not just the people’s families directly related with the crash and to keep them in their thoughts and prayers. During this hour I did not see any other tweets that were not directly mentioning Oklahoma States tragic loss, although some also mentioned about the football game and wished our team good luck.  I also saw people remembering the last plane crash that affected the OSU family. The tweet that I saw most retweeted was “@cnn: two Oklahoma state women’s basketball coaches among 4 killed in plane crash:” I know in my social media world this was the only thing on people’s minds and twitter accounts because this is when most people found out about what had happened.

The last mention of the plane crash I found was the 9991 mention of the last 10,000 mentions. This was from blog and stated,  “Stillwater, Okla. (ap) ? Oklahoma state university students, faculty and staff will gather Monday to remember two women’s basketball coaches and two others who died when.”

After looking on Google Image and my perspective did not change on the incident, but I did realize how lucky I am to belong to such an amazing school that comes together in times of tragedy and grows. After reviewing these online mentions of the tragedy that happened to OSU I think it is rare to see a school really be a family to one another. I think social media just makes that easier for alumni and others to find out news, bad or good and help in any way possible. It was comforting to see the OSU family come together and  show their support in the loss of our two basketball coaches.



 After taking a break from technology  I really thought about how amazing it is to see how it has changed the way we communicate and allow us to constantly stay updated. I realized how dependent I have become on technology as a form of communication and staying connected. I really enjoyed this assignment it just shows the online support system for OSU.



This semester I herd the whole time about the other Electronic Communication class and how easy it was and how they didn’t have a final or their projects were all graded on completion. After hearing this I thought, man I got the wrong teacher, but I’m thankful that Jory made us actually learn about electronic communication and how to work programs. I enjoyed our class and the curriculum. I liked doing the Pod cast. Learning how to actually use garage band on my computer was beneficial and learning and doing a Pod cast was a unique experience. I think the day we learned about story telling and listened to that guy who is an expert storyteller was valuable and should definitely be kept as a lesson.

Even though blogging was annoying sometimes, I enjoyed learning about blogging and the free write blogs.  I hated that we had to comment on 2 blogs every time it was kind of just a hassle. I just wanted to blog and comment on which ones I wanted when I wanted. Looking back at my first blog I said I wanted to learn about videographey and how to edit video. I enjoyed doing the video assignment, but I wish I had had a little more time to plan and organize. I’m glad I got to learn how to edit the video and sound and learn the basics of putting together a video.  Also defiantly keep having reviews for your test Jory it helps! All in all I enjoyed the class and I’m glad Jory was so laid back and made it a fun, comfortable learning environment.  I can say that I actually learned something of value and can use what I learned when I graduate. I would recommend this class to any one and tell them to take it with Jory so that they actually learn something of value.




I love Tosh.0 he is one of my favorite comedians and after trying to Google someone random persons portfolio I thought I liked, so I thought that why not Tosh. Daniel Tosh is a comedian who is very good at being a comedian.  Daniel Tosh’s Web site is well organized and easy to navigate through. It has a big picture of him on the side, which is aesthetically pleasing as well as the color choices for the Web site.  The picture of Tosh is placed on the right side of the page and his outfit blends well with the rest of the site. The background is a grey wood grain patter and the text is white and a light pastel green, which is not too harsh on the eyes to read. The content is of value and allows views to see photos and videos of Daniel and his work and it’s actually entertaining to watch. Also on the Web site you can find tour dates and purchase tickets and seasons of his show, which is really convenient. His Web site also has links to follow him on twitter, Facebook, comedy of MySpace, and iTunes store.  I like that he has a video link that allows viewers to see videos of Tosh as well as a link to see Tosh on Comedy Central. Daniel Tosh’s Web site is well organized and user friendly, which is important to me so I can find just what I’m looking for. He allows viewers to see his photos and videos of his comedic talent acts so that he can become more popular. He has calendars of events and tour dates so that his fans can see what he is up to and see him live performing. I really like his Web site because I think it does a good job or portraying him and his personality, which is important in a portfolio Web site.



I live in a house full of eighty girls. I’m a member of a sorority and have lived in the sorority house for the last 5 semesters of my academic career. Our house has all 2 girl rooms except we have 2, 1 girl rooms, and 1, 5 girl room. All the rooms have sinks in them and wood floors.  Our house is really nice actually, but the people in our house and some of the house rules are just dumb. One of our rules is that we have to have shoes on the first floor, and our hair can’t be wet. This rule sucks. When I get out of the shower or just want to run down stairs I have to put shoes on or blow-dry my hair and it’s just a hassle. Then there are girls on power trips that turn you in for not wearing shoes, like really? Get a life! I honestly can’t stand how some of the girls can’t act like adults and handle problems with the person they have a problem with. Also in a house full of eighty girls it’s nice to be able to look through closets and borrow clothes, but some girls don’t understand the definition of borrowing things. Borrowing means you ask to use something or wear something and then you return it. The girls in the house go through your closets without asking and take things to wear without permission and return it weeks later. Also some girls may ask to borrow things but don’t ever return it or they treat it disrespectfully. I have had many things stolen or never returned or borrowed without asking. A recent problem with opening people’s mail has occurred. One of the girls received a letter from her attorney and it was opened and then found to weeks later, which was too late for the girl who was supposed to go to court for her speeding ticket.  I couldn’t believe that girls didn’t know this was illegal and didn’t think it was morally wrong as well to open someone’s mail. Another problem we recently have had is using the restroom and using too much toilet paper. Girls apparently have been clogging the toilets and on third floor the toilet paper got taken away, which is inconvenient for girls who live there they don’t have this problem. Another annoyance is parking. Our parking lot isn’t big enough for everyone to park there but most people can, so you either don’t have a spot sometimes or you can open your door because the girls don’t know how to park. I wish that we gave parking lessons, like stay inside the lines it’s not that hard! One good thing is that we have a chief who is awesome! Kathy is so nice and talks to all the girls and cooks what we ask for most of the times, but her food isn’t always the healthiest. There is always desert, cakes, brownies, and pudding are offered with every meal. The menu isn’t bad it’s just hard to eat healthy because the majority of meals are greasy and cooked with pounds of butter.  All in all the house is full of fun girls who I get to watch my favorite shows with, share stories with, and make memories with, living in this crazy house. Although it has its ups and downs I’ve had a blast, but can’t wait to move out.

David after the Dentist is a hilarious video that went viral because it was so funny and such a unique situation. A little boy messed up on laughing gas after the dentist saying ridiculous things made such an impact. One person thought it was hilarious and started sharing with others and so on. David after the dentist was such a big deal and so talked about that people started making spin off videos of it and even started recording other children and adults after their dentist visits. People even started to reference some of the lines in real life like when David says, ” Is this real life.” The video is hilarious and went viral because of its simple humor about a child after the dentist.



I think this video is good. Its hilarious and well thought out. The video might be on the edge of being inappropriate but so is the song. I think the effects that they used through out this video make it look cool with the dancers moves.  I also liked some of the transitions they used from scene to scene. I think this video is outrageous and I love it and the lip singing looks really good! (Haha) When they are wearing the shirts with the different letters and spell out peacock and the other words, I thought this idea was clever and the transitions in this part look cool too. I also like the effects they used with them in the bed and the black paint! I also liked the camera angles with all the mirror scenes in the video too! I liked the way they inserted still frame pictures that looked like movement in the video as well. I think this video is fun and just has a whatever kind of feeling.

Bad Romance Video is all around BAD

This video is a redone music video to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance song. This video is BAD. The camera is shaking the whole time and never focuses on the subject its shooting. The lighting throughout the video is alright because its natural lighting but still could have been better. The “special effects” that they are trying to make happen is confusing and gives you a stomach ache turning the camera in circles and shaking it up and down. I think that if the video camera was on a tripod or wasnt shaking the whole time the video could have better portrayed he concept it was trying to. This video broke the 2 of the three rules in making a video 1. Camera shaking 2. Too many special effects breaking these rules cost them begin able to make a good video.




Oklahoma State University has the biggest homecoming in the nation. The greek houses around campus work for three months on house decks to compete in the homecoming competition. The sororities and fraternity’s pair together and come up with a concept that go along with the over all theme which, this year is a cowboy nation. The decks are made of chicken wire screens, glue, and paper pomps that make up these huge paper pictures. Sometimes I think about how much time and money is wasted but then I remember that its an OSU tradition and alumni love it! Im so ready for this week to be over so I can stop pomping and start living again. Tonight is all night pomp, which is when we pomp from 5 pm till our deck is finished, its exhausting! Then Friday is walk arounds and the pep-rally and then Saturday is the game against Nebraska!! COUNT DOWN TO HAVING FREE TIME BEGINS IN 24 Hrs!!!