I think this video is good. Its hilarious and well thought out. The video might be on the edge of being inappropriate but so is the song. I think the effects that they used through out this video make it look cool with the dancers moves.  I also liked some of the transitions they used from scene to scene. I think this video is outrageous and I love it and the lip singing looks really good! (Haha) When they are wearing the shirts with the different letters and spell out peacock and the other words, I thought this idea was clever and the transitions in this part look cool too. I also like the effects they used with them in the bed and the black paint! I also liked the camera angles with all the mirror scenes in the video too! I liked the way they inserted still frame pictures that looked like movement in the video as well. I think this video is fun and just has a whatever kind of feeling.


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  1. Nice pick! haha 🙂 That’s so funny! And it’s definitely the best edited video in their list. Did you see the GAP commercial parody they made?

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