Bad Romance Video is all around BAD

This video is a redone music video to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance song. This video is BAD. The camera is shaking the whole time and never focuses on the subject its shooting. The lighting throughout the video is alright because its natural lighting but still could have been better. The “special effects” that they are trying to make happen is confusing and gives you a stomach ache turning the camera in circles and shaking it up and down. I think that if the video camera was on a tripod or wasnt shaking the whole time the video could have better portrayed he concept it was trying to. This video broke the 2 of the three rules in making a video 1. Camera shaking 2. Too many special effects breaking these rules cost them begin able to make a good video.





Oklahoma State University has the biggest homecoming in the nation. The greek houses around campus work for three months on house decks to compete in the homecoming competition. The sororities and fraternity’s pair together and come up with a concept that go along with the over all theme which, this year is a cowboy nation. The decks are made of chicken wire screens, glue, and paper pomps that make up these huge paper pictures. Sometimes I think about how much time and money is wasted but then I remember that its an OSU tradition and alumni love it! Im so ready for this week to be over so I can stop pomping and start living again. Tonight is all night pomp, which is when we pomp from 5 pm till our deck is finished, its exhausting! Then Friday is walk arounds and the pep-rally and then Saturday is the game against Nebraska!! COUNT DOWN TO HAVING FREE TIME BEGINS IN 24 Hrs!!!


If you didn’t already know … I’m a GLEEK! A Gleek is a loyal follower of the show GLEE . I have a Glee application on my phone along with the Season one sound track and so far the songs released for season two! Fox television show Glee is a hit!  The story is about a high school show choir or (Glee club) called New Directions.  The characters of the show are relatable to real people and the audience of the show.  Kurt is a fashion forward openly gay member of Glee club with an amazing voice. Finn is the quarterback for the football team and lead male vocalist for the Glee club. Quinn the head cheerio (cheerleader) and president of the celibacy club was dating Finn, until she lied about who the father of her unborn child was, which was Finn’s best friend, bad boy, Puck who is totally a regulation hottie. Rachel the lead female vocalist is overly ambitious, annoying, and a complete control freak with two gay dads. Rachel is my favorite character with an amazing voice that started on broad way. Sue Sylvester is the coach of the Cheerios and has it out to destroy the Glee club while tormenting students in school. The show is hilarious and full of talent! People who don’t like the show obviously have never watched it, not only does it offer an interesting plot the music of Glee has been a huge success with over 13 million single sales and five million album sales. Glee is my favorite show because it covers great songs that they make even better. The characters of Glee are all corky and all come together to create perfect harmony. (No pun intended). Glee had an episode dedicated to Journey that was amazing! New Directions sang viewers favorites like Dont Stop Believing and Faithfully that they performed at Sectionals.The show also had episodes dedicated to pop stars in our generation like Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, which created huge buzz and huge downloads on iTunes. Glee has even broken the Beatles musical records for having the most top 100 US hits by a non-solo act. New Directions has 75 top 100 singles passing the Beatles record of 71. Haters of Glee can hate all you want but you can’t deny that the fictional high school Glee club has impacted the music industry having songs charting the Hot 100 every week.Glee is influential in the fact that for our generation music is an escape for most people and the characters of Glee singing these songs allow people to escape through the music and the shows situations. In two-week October 26th @ 7pm Glee will do a version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which will be amazing. if you haven’t watched Glee yet tune in I promise you wont be disappointed.

The Social Network is a newly released movie that makes the creators of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg out to be money hungry and whiney. The movie is creating a lot of publicity even though the majority of the movie is fiction. The podcast on NPR about the social network is informative and also keeps its listeners engaged by using clips of audio from the movie and  opinions of real college students who use social networks like Facebook. Using audio clips from the movie for sound helped paint the picture of Mark and the characters in the movie as well as played to the emotions of listeners by talking about how Mark was portrayed. I liked how they incorporated quotes from the movie in just the right spots that make you want to hear more. The fact that this movie is an exaggerated version of the truth makes it interesting to hear how this social network millions of us are apart of started. The podcast created enough interest that I want to see the movie and researched the biography of Mark Zuckerberg.

Go see The Social Netowrk on Tuesday its stimulus night at the movies $1 popcorn & drinks!!!!

Dream Team


Lets Go Dream Team!!!!

My little nephew,Elijah is 9 and just decided this year he wanted to start playing soccer. I choose to do my sound slide on him because he is a huge part of my life; and I thought it would be interesting to interview the coach and Elijah and get his opinion on his first practice and game and the coaches opinion of the teams first practice and game. So far Elijah is catching on pretty quickly, but he doesn’t like all the running, I know I told him running was a big part of soccer.



This is a pictorial that shows the history of AIDS and how it is still a crisis.

The pictures do a great job of telling the history of how Aids was brought over to the U.S and how huge the issue became.  The 27 photos are all in the moment shots of real people who either spoke out about AIDS or battled the disease. The pictorial shows pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana, who both were spokeswomen for AIDS. The photos showed discrimination against people who battled AIDS like, Ryan White and used photos of people who seriously suffered from AIDS.  I like that some of the photographs are borderline disturbing because it shows the pain and the seriousness of the disease while, showing how technology and medicine throughout history have changed to help treat AIDS. I think this pictorial does its of job of educating people about the history of AIDS and using photos that trigger people emotions.