SC#3443 Assignment # 5


The first mention that I found was  post 393 at 8:34 p.m. on 11/17, by Today’s TVH KTHV “reports of a small plane crash in Perry County, we have a crew on the way. More details to follow.” Although the post did not  did not specify  that it had any relation to Oklahoma State University, it was the first post about the plane crash in Perry County.

I found out about the plane crash through the email the University sent out that morning and then began to see my twitter feed and news feed on Facebook fill up with post about the tragedy that happened to our OSU family. I chose to look at post around 10 a.m. on 11/18, which is the time I found out and started looking at my social media sites as news for more details. During this hour there was 3,244 tweets about the plane crash. After reviewing those mentions I was surprised to see so many people referring  to their “OSU family” not just the people’s families directly related with the crash and to keep them in their thoughts and prayers. During this hour I did not see any other tweets that were not directly mentioning Oklahoma States tragic loss, although some also mentioned about the football game and wished our team good luck.  I also saw people remembering the last plane crash that affected the OSU family. The tweet that I saw most retweeted was “@cnn: two Oklahoma state women’s basketball coaches among 4 killed in plane crash:” I know in my social media world this was the only thing on people’s minds and twitter accounts because this is when most people found out about what had happened.

The last mention of the plane crash I found was the 9991 mention of the last 10,000 mentions. This was from blog and stated,  “Stillwater, Okla. (ap) ? Oklahoma state university students, faculty and staff will gather Monday to remember two women’s basketball coaches and two others who died when.”

After looking on Google Image and my perspective did not change on the incident, but I did realize how lucky I am to belong to such an amazing school that comes together in times of tragedy and grows. After reviewing these online mentions of the tragedy that happened to OSU I think it is rare to see a school really be a family to one another. I think social media just makes that easier for alumni and others to find out news, bad or good and help in any way possible. It was comforting to see the OSU family come together and  show their support in the loss of our two basketball coaches.



 After taking a break from technology  I really thought about how amazing it is to see how it has changed the way we communicate and allow us to constantly stay updated. I realized how dependent I have become on technology as a form of communication and staying connected. I really enjoyed this assignment it just shows the online support system for OSU.

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