This semester I herd the whole time about the other Electronic Communication class and how easy it was and how they didn’t have a final or their projects were all graded on completion. After hearing this I thought, man I got the wrong teacher, but I’m thankful that Jory made us actually learn about electronic communication and how to work programs. I enjoyed our class and the curriculum. I liked doing the Pod cast. Learning how to actually use garage band on my computer was beneficial and learning and doing a Pod cast was a unique experience. I think the day we learned about story telling and listened to that guy who is an expert storyteller was valuable and should definitely be kept as a lesson.

Even though blogging was annoying sometimes, I enjoyed learning about blogging and the free write blogs.  I hated that we had to comment on 2 blogs every time it was kind of just a hassle. I just wanted to blog and comment on which ones I wanted when I wanted. Looking back at my first blog I said I wanted to learn about videographey and how to edit video. I enjoyed doing the video assignment, but I wish I had had a little more time to plan and organize. I’m glad I got to learn how to edit the video and sound and learn the basics of putting together a video.  Also defiantly keep having reviews for your test Jory it helps! All in all I enjoyed the class and I’m glad Jory was so laid back and made it a fun, comfortable learning environment.  I can say that I actually learned something of value and can use what I learned when I graduate. I would recommend this class to any one and tell them to take it with Jory so that they actually learn something of value.



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  1. Yayyy it is over 🙂

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