I love Tosh.0 he is one of my favorite comedians and after trying to Google someone random persons portfolio I thought I liked, so I thought that why not Tosh. Daniel Tosh is a comedian who is very good at being a comedian.  Daniel Tosh’s Web site is well organized and easy to navigate through. It has a big picture of him on the side, which is aesthetically pleasing as well as the color choices for the Web site.  The picture of Tosh is placed on the right side of the page and his outfit blends well with the rest of the site. The background is a grey wood grain patter and the text is white and a light pastel green, which is not too harsh on the eyes to read. The content is of value and allows views to see photos and videos of Daniel and his work and it’s actually entertaining to watch. Also on the Web site you can find tour dates and purchase tickets and seasons of his show, which is really convenient. His Web site also has links to follow him on twitter, Facebook, comedy of MySpace, and iTunes store.  I like that he has a video link that allows viewers to see videos of Tosh as well as a link to see Tosh on Comedy Central. Daniel Tosh’s Web site is well organized and user friendly, which is important to me so I can find just what I’m looking for. He allows viewers to see his photos and videos of his comedic talent acts so that he can become more popular. He has calendars of events and tour dates so that his fans can see what he is up to and see him live performing. I really like his Web site because I think it does a good job or portraying him and his personality, which is important in a portfolio Web site.




5 Responses to “Tosh”

  1. I agree, Daniel Tosh is hilarious. I hear they’re going to start showing his show for two hours on Tuesdays now. That’s going to be a problem for me, I’m never going to get anything done on Tuesdays now, hahaha.

    I don’t know if I like the site though. It’s easily accessible, but I think it’s the colors that kind of throw me off. The typography just isn’t appealing to me either, but that’s just personal visual preferences on my part, it’s all really well done nonetheless.

  2. 2 Bob Clougherty

    Wow! Danial Tosh has a portfolio website? I wonder if that is how he got to be popular? I checked out the site and it is really cool. Good choice picking Tosh; he is one of my favorite comedians too.

  3. Tosh’s website is an awesome example of a good portfolio. It is simply laid out and easy to navigate. I also really really liked the fact that he included his tweet feed on his site because it gives his fans or future employers a way to understand him better everyday.

  4. Tosh is a pretty funny person I must say. I wish you would of had a link in your blog to go to it but I will look it up anyway. Good description though and I will definitely have to check it out.

  5. Tosh is pretty damn funny, aint gonna lie.

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