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I live in a house full of eighty girls. I’m a member of a sorority and have lived in the sorority house for the last 5 semesters of my academic career. Our house has all 2 girl rooms except we have 2, 1 girl rooms, and 1, 5 girl room. All the rooms have sinks […]

David after the Dentist is a hilarious video that went viral because it was so funny and such a unique situation. A little boy messed up on laughing gas after the dentist saying ridiculous things made such an impact. One person thought it was hilarious and started sharing with others and so on. David after […]


I think this video is good. Its hilarious and well thought out. The video might be on the edge of being inappropriate but so is the song. I think the effects that they used through out this video make it look cool with the dancers moves.  I also liked some of the transitions they used […]