Millions of Users… One creator


The Social Network is a newly released movie that makes the creators of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg out to be money hungry and whiney. The movie is creating a lot of publicity even though the majority of the movie is fiction. The podcast on NPR about the social network is informative and also keeps its listeners engaged by using clips of audio from the movie and  opinions of real college students who use social networks like Facebook. Using audio clips from the movie for sound helped paint the picture of Mark and the characters in the movie as well as played to the emotions of listeners by talking about how Mark was portrayed. I liked how they incorporated quotes from the movie in just the right spots that make you want to hear more. The fact that this movie is an exaggerated version of the truth makes it interesting to hear how this social network millions of us are apart of started. The podcast created enough interest that I want to see the movie and researched the biography of Mark Zuckerberg.

Go see The Social Netowrk on Tuesday its stimulus night at the movies $1 popcorn & drinks!!!!


2 Responses to “Millions of Users… One creator”

  1. I seen this movie, and I must say it is a very good movie. This podcast gives a great review in a way on the movie. Even though I have seen the movie, but listening to them talk about it in this podcast makes me want to go watch it again. The review definitely fits the movie and they are exactly spot on in this podcast.They bring out some comedic views, serious views, and even how it could inspire someone. I liked this podcast a lot.

  2. I still have yet to go see this movie! But our podcast was so good that i want to see it just because of that!

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