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Bad Romance Video is all around BAD This video is a redone music video to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance song. This video is BAD. The camera is shaking the whole time and never focuses on the subject its shooting. The lighting throughout the video is alright because its natural lighting but still could have been […]



Oklahoma State University has the biggest homecoming in the nation. The greek houses around campus work for three months on house decks to compete in the homecoming competition. The sororities and fraternity’s pair together and come up with a concept that go along with the over all theme which, this year is a cowboy nation. […]


BMJ Communication Podcast

If you didn’t already know … I’m a GLEEK! A Gleek is a loyal follower of the show GLEE . I have a Glee application on my phone along with the Season one sound track and so far the songs released for season two! Fox television show Glee is a hit!  The story is about […]

The Social Network is a newly released movie that makes the creators of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg out to be money hungry and whiney. The movie is creating a lot of publicity even though the majority of the movie is fiction. The podcast on NPR about the social network is informative and also keeps its listeners engaged by […]