Get Digital


Advancements in technology is having effects on all different types of careers.  When we start going out looking for jobs were going to be accountable for knowing how to use digital media. Digital media and marketing have just begun to affect the way advertising will be done. New technology like the iPhone and iPad online advertising is becoming more popular. More magazines and newspapers are advertising online on their Web sites as well as having the whole magazine available to purchase and have right on the customers computer or iPad etc. Customers can already purchase television shows and movies to watch without previews or commercials  or even record television shows and movies and fast forward through commercials cutting out advertisements. Because newspaper  and magazine circulation is heavily decreasing and technology rapidly developing advertising has to  match up with technology advancements. Advertisers will have to start thinking out of the box and become better trained on different technology and using digital media in their advantage, such as developing interactive ads online. Technology is an issue in the advertising field, more and more job openings are for digital advertising, which means students and professionals have to educate themselves on digital advertising and electronic communication to find a job in today’s economy. Here are a few blogs I found using my RSS reader check them out!!

Digital Media is a must!



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