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Dream Team


Lets Go Dream Team!!!! My little nephew,Elijah is 9 and just decided this year he wanted to start playing soccer. I choose to do my sound slide on him because he is a huge part of my life; and I thought it would be interesting to interview the coach and Elijah and get his opinion on […]



This is a pictorial that shows the history of AIDS and how it is still a crisis. The pictures do a great job of telling the history of how Aids was brought over to the U.S and how huge the issue became.  The 27 photos are all in the moment shots of real people who either spoke […]

BFF4L Enhanced


Original Thank You Photoshop First I enhanced the colors and played with the exposure, saturation and shadowing on both the original and edited one. I used the highlight tool to add depth and tone to our arms and to enhance our skin tone and give us a little glow. Then I whitened our teeth so […]

Get Digital


Advancements in technology is having effects on all different types of careers.  When we start going out looking for jobs were going to be accountable for knowing how to use digital media. Digital media and marketing have just begun to affect the way advertising will be done. New technology like the iPhone and iPad online […]